Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Familiar Faces # 26

Warning: Spoliers

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  1. Good video man, you actualy made my re think on watching this movie. I loved the part of the song of "some thing her is diferent from the others" that just made me lol.

    But I really have to ask you ¿Why on blip.tv? That thing have made a living hell to me watch some videos in your blog (this video specialy, I actualy have to go to blit.tv to watch this video and instal some new plug... why I have to instal new plug in for this video?), in the linkara´s blog and in others blogs and even in the TGWTG.com site.

    Some times just do not load the video, in others it send me to de end of the video, and the botons are just the definition of bad function.

    Sorry for download my frustration with blip.tv on you, but seriously, why on blip.tv? isn´t out there other suport video web company with a better video reproduction tecnology that wasn´t youtbue.com?