Thursday, May 13, 2010

TWBC: Super Mario Bros. Crossover

You can find the game here:

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  1. Yes, it is a very very good game, but not a carbon copy of the original, at least what I could notice, except that Simon is useless, is that Mario runs a little faster here and that's almost imperceptible lack of traction make Link a poor choice when attempting to jump to small platforms.

    In my opinion in order of best to worst character are:

    -Bill, due to its good traction, good way to jump, and obviously, the weapon of multiple shots.

    -Samus, the best jumper of all par excellence.

    -Megaman, his cliff jumping makes it the best platform jumper for these levels of very small platafomrs, others that he can go very fast sliding, even in the water levels.

    -Link, the boomerang paralyzed allows you to convert enemies into temporary platforms.

    -Mario, if he is so low on the list, it´s just because he is to well balanced for this game and has nothing to made it on out the others.

    -Simon ... Nothing to say of this dud, if anyone here is a masochist, he is the perfect choice.