Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Artcast #1

Hey, everyone. Here's a little something I think I may start doing; one of those speed painting things. You see I get these ideas for drawings but I usually abandoned them part way in to focus on making other content for TGWTG or Lightbringer. But this way I figure I could produce a drawing and a video. That way I have something to put of DA and still produce content. Any way here's my first picture:

And here's it being made:

And here's some full video of Sarah the Cellphone form Supernews:


  1. This is awesome, love the character now after seeing the clips. This looks sped up but how long did it really take you? I so wish I could do what you do. Love your show, one of my favs on TGWTG keep it up and it's nice to see you still have time to do things like this. Oh one more thing when are you going to do the next part of your lets play.

  2. Awesome work, Chad! I used to do videos like that back in the day (I think i still have some up on youtube too). what program did you use to catch the video?

  3. Ha! That's really well done. Love the coloring, too. I actually freelanced on SuperNews, I heard Sarah Haskins' hilarious voice a heck of a lot.