Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Familiar Faces: Baby Doll


  1. what a surprise to show yourself! great crossover by the way! hope we can see more like this[and maybe even involved in the third anniversary special]. you are my third favorite contributor on the site only behind linkara and nc[plus, anyone who can give props to super mario rpg is cool in my book]. more people should watch your stuff if they don't already.

    one last thing, you should know that a fruit basket makes a lovely gift for any occasion!

  2. O yea...Baby Doll... I remember see her in her first episode and think that it was one of the best Batman´s episodes that I ever seen, and pray to the Tv´s gods that she reapear, at least one more time. Blessed were my eyes and ears when many years later she reapear, not was better that the first one but still, it was an awesome chapter.

    When "Batman: the brave and the bold" was anounced, I was happy because I believed that she was going to do another great reappearance, but sadly, that doll just kill every hope of that... maybe... maybe she just go for the best.

  3. Amazing review. You and the Critic have good chemistry. I'd love to see you do more crossovers.

    I have never seen this character before. I'll have to watch the episodes in full. She seems really interesting and that ending got me emotion-ing.

    I gotta say though, you are such the spitting image of my ex I dunno if I'll be able to enjoy your reviews the same way any more. =P

  4. That was great. FF is edutainment done right.