Monday, October 11, 2010

Familiar Faces #39


  1. Very cool. We never got the Goosebump licence down here in Poland (at least not in my time), but I sometimes find the toys when hopping over the border to check out out some German flea markets.

  2. Actually, Werewolves transforming by putting-on a wolf skin was a common interpretation used during the dark ages.

    The explanation used by witch-hunters in those days was that a person would sell their soul to the devil in exchange for a wolf-skin that would transform them every time they put it on.

    This is also similar to the Selkies of Celtic folklore who were women that could transform into seals by putting-on a seal skin.
    If the skins were destroyed, they became mortal humans.

    And finally, the stories punchline does make sense.
    It was a young predator trying to drive out a pair of older and more experienced ones so that she'll get rid of the competition and can have their hunting grounds to herself.

  3. The Werewolf Skin story makes me think of the Furry fandom community

  4. The more predictable and satisfying ending to Werewolf Skin would be if the exposure to the suits made the two children become the next generation of werewolves.

  5. It seems there was some changes in the novels when there where translated, because here (México) in "Monter blod" Evan find the monster blood inside of a old and gloomy toy store, not in the house of his aunt.

    AND WOW You are going to do a FF of the firsts ghostbusters?
    That is what I was wating for.

  6. Oh god! I laughed SO HARD at the novella joke! lol
    I know. once you get a camera, the shit hits the fan. Nice weapon thingy at the end btw

  7. Hey Chad, I have a suggestion. Why don't you look at the characters who won Who Wants to BE a Superhero? I think that would be pretty cool.