Sunday, March 27, 2011

Familiar Faces 52: Rushuna Tendo


  1. Anime is just the Jaapanese word for "cartoon", now I know that some sources say that it's actually French word that for Japanese cartoons that Japan adopted and other say it's the other way around but in the modern day it mines cartoons. So SpongeBob & Powerpuff Girls in Japan are refered to as Anime. In English speaking countries the term is used losely because of it's vagueness and spread around stupid messaging board and with weeboos and such. After all old school fans for of Japanese cartoons refered to them as Japanimation or JapAnime and all kinds of thing. In the book Schoolgirl Milky Crisis: Adventures in the Anime and Manga Trade by Jonathan Clements he subscribes anime to be any product in which Key Animators, Head Animator and production was Japanese, and even that description can still lead to problems but it does leave out the less important factors like style, story, themes, culture and etc.

  2. I was dying from the laughing when you did a perfect reference to Foamy and then Dr. Tran.

    As you say, without a doubt it seems to be pretty good series, but I doubt anyone as I can get it serious with huge breasts bouncing to the camera every 5 seconds.

    hotrat was keyword of verification for this would mean something? Naaaaa

  3. I LOVE this show, I even have a little Rushuna statue on my desk. I always thought of her as kind of a female Vash, though I never heard the dub before, the dialogue can get pretty damn silly...though I do love Aizen Teppa, he's awesome.

  4. My she has large.... tracks of land.

  5. Ani-Monday is actually on Tuesday now...I know weird! But they are showing Chrono Crusade! (Or at least they were)

  6. There are way too many anime shows to watch in one lifetime.

    I've only watched:
    Samurai Pizza Cats (when I was a kid, long before I knew what anime was)
    Pokémon (up to somewhere around the middle of Johto Journeys)
    Digimon (up to the end of 02)
    Shin Chan (Funimation dub and the UK-only Vitello dub that aired on Fox Kids which was presumably more faithful to the original)
    Sailor Moon
    Azumanga Daioh
    Lupin III
    Detective Conan
    Dragonball Z

    I'm considering Panty & Stocking and uncut One Piece next.

  7. Ahahahah, I loved that remark of evil Fluttershy you did.
    Yay! :3

  8. I agree with you debating on what anime is. Is it an art style? All animation in japan?

  9. I prefer Et Cetera it is better manga and far more western than Trigun. Yes I said it.