Friday, July 2, 2010

Familiar Faces #29: Big Bertha


  1. It's because of enemies like Big Bertha that it took me forever to finish Super Mario Bros. 3 and embrace the magical item that is the flute. Great episode as always CR!

    (this is pap64 from deviantart BTW).

  2. I remember the Mario sodas, I liked them all!

    Also I loved the movie

  3. Please do not put Alice in Wonderland at the same level as Mario Brothers, one is a game that revolutionized the game industry, the other is a story written over 100 years old, make sure that All these changes upset only to those who read the book and preferred a more faithful version to the book, and NO, I do not think anyone really liked the reboot of Nightmare on Elm Street.

    Good joke at the end.

  4. Wow, another mention of ChuckleBerry? Maybe they are deeper in Mario Lore then I thought, first time I saw it was Mario and Luigi superstar Saga, but now this is the earliest. Nice find all around

  5. When I first heard the name "Stanley", I thought of the Bugman from Donkey Kong 3.

    But then I remembered reading about Stanley the fish on the Super Mario Wiki, and even by just looking at him, I immediately hated him!

    OH WAIT! I remember reading about Princess Toadstool eating Mario's bowling ball on deviantART! So THIS is where that is from!

    I didn't like the re-imaginings of Alice in Wonderland or Nightmare on Elm Street either, so HA!