Saturday, July 10, 2010

Familiar Faces #30: Lil' Orphan Orange


  1. It´s not working, this is one of the reason WHY I hate

  2. works for me too...
    ya' know, CR, when you posted the picture for this one on your DA account, I was confused.
    i was asking myself several questions. questions like:
    "how does one do an entire video on a mascot for an ice-pop?"
    "does my local Smith's food store still stock those things?"
    "why orange? lime was the best flavor, and strawberry looked the coolest."
    "I wonder how much a box of 'em would cost."
    and finally "how much info can there be for a freakin' mascot?"
    thank's for answering 3/5ths of my questions. oh, and for being funny.

  3. I found a picture of Rip Van Lemon

  4. i found a picture too, i typed Rip Van Lemon into google images and its the first image to come up, nice

  5. I love obscure characters, which is why I love your show!